I’m a visual journalist living in Boston, MA and currently work as the Multimedia Coordinator at Partners In Health, an organization fighting for the right to health in some of the poorest and most remote communities in the world.

I’ve also worked as a freelance photographer and videographer after receiving a BFA in Photojournalism from Rochester Institute of Technology and an AAS in Visual Communications from Monroe Community College.

The trust of people who share their lives through the camera keeps me going as a photographer and as a human being. I believe that documentary work can help build empathy between cultures and heal communities.

I'm passionate about issues including, but not limited to addiction & recovery, segregation, access to education, environmental issues, criminal justice reform, gentrification and other urban issues.

As a young person, life circumstances thrust me into a diverse group of peers despite living in a city that otherwise suffers from severe racial and economic segregation. This experience sparked my interest in storytelling.

In my spare time, I enjoy long bike rides and live music with my wife & best friend Maddie.

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